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Bikecat  tour destinations are increasing each year. We originated in Girona and it is here where you will find our headquarters. 

Girona is our signature tour and there are so many different rides that you can come again and again and always find new roads and rides!

We work hard to offer you the best tours and cycling experience ever. For this reason, once you come there is always a second time, a third… and more.

Many of our groups are returning customers. We love you coming back, and while some prefer to return to Girona, others wish to go somewhere new.

Over the years, and keeping the essence of our tours, we have been selecting new tour destinations. We seek special and unique places, far off the beaten path, remote roads where cars are rare.

A new tour is a slow process, that can take a few years and many, many trips to scout routes, restaurants and hotels. But the result is a new unforgettable experience designed for you.


Come and Ride with your friends


You can choose one of the following tour destinations and we will be hands on to help you adjust the stages and prepare your road book with detailed maps, profiles and highlights of the rides. Every detail of the tours can be tailored to your needs.