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During the winter, during our off-season, we used to ride with pros and friends at a more relaxed pace.
Time to catch up and, at the same time, look for new rides for future tours.

When one of the roads ended but the path continued without tarmac, we would continue with our road bikes and nobody had a gps back then).
The feeling of discovery and adventure were greater than the lost and having to go back feeling.
Many of the off-road sections we rode connected with other roads thus making amazing rides impossible to do otherwise.

We are now combining all this knowledge and offer you a series of the greatest rides we can do in Girona, no matter the terrain.
The Girona Gravel Tour is the epic travel tour you can do on a gravel bike, or if you dare, with a road bike – just like old times.


Gravel Jordi

Jordi aka Fireman Jordi or Gravel Jordi has been a Bikecat family member since 2008. Yes, he is an active fireman, and you are sure to be safe by his wheel.

He grew up in Sant Coloma, a little town south of Girona. As a boy he started riding trails and roads in the province and after all these years he has a vast knowledge of the region´s paved and gravel roads.

When the first professional cyclists arrived in Girona, 20 years ago, interaction was inevitable. They needed routes and Jordi, “the local” knew them all!

The professional cycling community was small back then and good friendships were made. Especially his friendship with Michael Barry with whom he keeps close contact and has visited with his family in Canada.

They rode around Girona together with cyclocross bikes (no one talked about gravel riding back then). They knew when and where to start from and set off without knowing what time they would return. Authentic adventures and multiple anecdotes are told about those times.

In 2015, as a personal challenge, Jordi came up with the ultramarathon event, The Pirinexus 360 Challenge. A gravel ride, no doubt! around the entire Girona Province that takes place every year.

Featured by Nick Legan in his book The Complete Guide to Gravel Racing and Adventure Bikepacking.

Since 2017, Jordi also designs and directs the gravel events at Sea Otter Europe.

He is the founder and president of the Girona Gravel Club and organizes the club´s gravel rides in Girona. A way to ride with friends, discovering new routes, trails, and landscapes…Sharing adventures on gravel, a tribute to those first rides with Michael Barry, unique and epic!

As interest in gravel riding has grown exponentially, we want to let others benefit from his expertise and local knowledge.

We will be offering 100% personalized custom Gravel rides and Tours in Girona.