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Bikecat guides in Girona


If you are visiting Girona and you want to ride where the pros do, join Bikecat guided rides and ride like the professionals.


Bikecat offers exclusive and customized rides in Girona.


Make the most of your time in Girona riding with us. Our knowledge and enthusiasm for this region will lead you to discover the insider secrets of this land, spectacular landscapes, and incredible back roads.

Our guided rides are led by local guides. All our guides are fully licensed and certified by the Cycling Federation and the goverment. A professional service like no other.

Bikecat Guided Rides are intended for the intermediate to the advanced recreational rider. Choose among our variety of routes from 40 to 100 miles or more and different profiles to challenge your abilities.

We like to keep things fun!

Contact us for more info and booking your tour or call/whatsapp: +34 639 82 92 72

Bikecat Guided rides in Girona - prices

What’s included:

An experienced, professional and liscenced local guide/coach will be riding with you and will guide and indicate the characteristics and difficulties of the routes.
Coffee break and snack
Mechanical Assistance
Energy bars, gels and sport drinks.
Optional support vehicle with food, drinks, first aid kit, etc. to follow every ride.



Rental Bike
Support Vehicle from 120€ per group.
Special packages for groups (4+) and multiple days


At Bikecat we provide high end rental bikes for the tours and guided rides in Girona. If you don’t want to travel with your own bike, we offer the best options for road rental bikes in Girona.

We take care of every racing bike before and after the rides. Cleaning and adjustments are done as if it was your own bike.

You have these options:

Now it’s your time
to ride like a pro


Girona Rental Bike Orbea Orca Dura Ace


Performance, technology, and style have always been the cornerstones of cycling. We may not compete, but we love the feel of a racing bike – The Orca is light, fast, and beautiful. Professional athletes, weekend warriors and recreational riders have something in common – we love bikes as much as the lifestyle.

Benefit from a smoother ride, advanced engineering, and aerodynamic advantage. Flexibility and performance, we ensure the Orca fits the widest range of riders. We offer unique bar and stem fitting solutions because not all of us are seeking the same riding position, we want the fastest bike that fits. Orca is a personalized, modern, capable racing bike that excites us to ride exactly the way we like.

All of our rental bikes in Girona are fine tuned for excellent performance to accompany you on your vacation.

ORBEA ORCA M10iLTD @460€/week
Orbea Rental bikes in Girona - pricing

* Bikecat Rental bikes in Girona are only available for our guided rides and tours. Additional day 40 euros.

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX-9.0

The Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 is one of the finest carbon road frames in the world. Its Sport Pro Geometry gives you the ideal position for optimum performance and comfort for hours in the saddle. The Katusha and Movistar UCI ProTour Teams have been competing on these racing bikes. 

Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 – World Tour pedigree and world class components, your go-to companion for demanding races and high-tempo riding. With a super-light total weight (only 6,6 kilograms!), the unbeatable performance of Shimano Dura-Ace, and pinpoint handling – this is a thoroughbred racer.

All-out racer, featherweight climber, or simply a fast and fun ride. With the innovative and aerodynamic CP10 cockpit and the finest components in their class, the Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 is an outstanding all-rounder. Ready for the most demanding rides. The Ultimate CF SLX was crowned Road Bike of the Year in 2016 and 2017 for a good reason.

CANYON Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 @360€/week

We are adding a few more bikes to our collection and now you can ride the new Canyon Endurance CF SLX. A super high end bike to explore some of the best rides in Girona. Prepared for whatever the road sends your way, the Endurace CF SLX with Shimano Dura-Ace components and DT Swiss Disk Carbon wheels will have you climbing and descending with confidence. This bike feels just as capable on smooth pavement as on gravel trails with a weight of only 7.0Kg

Girona Bike rental pricing

* Bikecat Rental bikes in Girona are only available for our guided rides and tours. Additional day 30 euros.

Bike adjustments:

When you rent a bike with us, we want to make sure the bike is adjusted as close as possible to your current bike.

Make a note of your bike set-up

There are certain dimensions that do not change; you just move things around to get them to fit to a particular frame. Below is a template that many teams use. It shows the critical dimensions along with some other information about the set-up of a bike. This is needed to fit a bike for you.

The measurements: Please, write down and send us the following information from your current bike.
You can download the measurement form here.

Remember to bring your own pedals and we recommend your saddle too.

Bikecat Rental Bikes - set up measures
Important measures to set up your rental bike

A Saddle Height: from the center of the bottom bracket axle in a straight line up through the frame and seat post to the saddle
B Bar Height: from the middle of the front spindle in a straight line up through the head tubs to the top of the stem
C Reach: from the tip of the saddle to the centre of the bars
D Set Back: from the tip of the saddle to a line taken from the centre of the BB axle
E Drop. Height difference between tip of the saddle and top of handlebars