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The Conan Tour: Travel through the history of Spain


The Conan Cycling Tour is an itinerary through the history of Spain.

In the south of Aragon, we start this adventure in Teruel. The Muslim population that remained during the Reconquista imprinted the city with Mudejar art, a symbiosis between Christian and Islamic styles.

We ride into the mountains along the Rodeno pinewoods, encountering prehistoric caves and numerous rock art displays, as we arrive to Albarracin. Protected by magnificent walls along the crest of the mountains, this hidden medieval village is a treasure in itself.

Settled in one of the most lonely and desolate areas of Spain, Albarracín battles to be crowned the most beautiful village in Spain.

Crossing the deep forests and jagged ridges of the Sierra de Albarracin, at 1200 meters above the sea, is just part of the adventure to the final conquest: Cuenca, in Castilla La Mancha.

Nestled between the Júcar and Huécar river canyons, Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its historic center looks out over rocky canyon walls in the heart of the Cuenca Mountains. The Cathedral, Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses) and cobbled streets charm the most hardened cyclist.

It is from here that we command the last mission to La Ciudad Encantada, a magnificent natural landscape, where we will recover Conan’s sword.


…did I tell you Conan The Barbarian was filmed there?