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La “Transpirinaica” or Trans Pyrenees Cycling tour: from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.

On this tour we will follow the smallest and most spectacular roads to bring you from the Eastern Pyrenees all the way to San Sebastian in the Basque Country.

We’ll be taking time to enjoy the different regions of Aragon, the Haute Pyrenees in France, Navarra and the Basque Country, with their different culture, languages and cuisine.

Bikecat - French Trans Pyrenees Cycling Tour - Col du Tourmalet

After organizing the “Coast to Coast” Trans Pyrenees Cycling Tour we realized it was not a relaxing bike holiday.

We started to conceive our version of the Transpirinaica. Starting in a little village in the Pyrenees and slowly riding our way to San Sebastian, while spending a couple nights in each place, taking time to enjoy the different regions we ride across.

Over the years we have adjusted the trip, the riding part is amazing and challenging and is paired with a great food experience.

At Bikecat we take this very seriously and always look for the smallest and more spectacular roads and match it with the most exquisite cuisine of the area.

We offer two versions of the Trans Pyrenees cycling Tour:


Spanish Trans Pyrenees  or  French Trans Pyrenees

Both tours start at a little village in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

The Spanish side is less known. You will ride along smaller roads with lack of traffic, with plenty of historical sites and landscape contrasts.
The French side runs in the Haute Pyrenees and you will be challenged by the great Tour de France climbs: Aspin, Tourmalet, Hautacam, Aubisque among others.

Both itineraries come together at Roncesvalles, the starting point in Spain of the most popular of el Camino de Santiago routes, and end in San Sebastian.

Due to variable weather conditions, the Trans-Pyrenees tour can only be scheduled from late May to September.